The ideal solution for sensitive, dry skin and dull hair when your raw water is contaminated.

Hzwo Shower Filter

The Hzwo Standard S offers you the ideal solution for sensitive, dry skin and dull hair when your raw water is contaminated. It converts lime into a more water-soluble form, making the water noticeably softer. The filtered water feels gentle on your skin and hair and reduces causes of itching. In addition, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals are minimized so that you and your family can enjoy showering and bathing with clean and pollutant-free water.The Hzwo Shower is elegant in design and a easy-to-install solution that will turn your daily shower into a tingling pleasure.

Shower Filters
Made in Germany

The Hzwo is constructed of highest quality materials. Our production is located in Germany (Baden-Württemberg) that we are proud of. All our products are subject to strict quality controls and are only manufactured with high-quality and food-borne materials.

Why Hzwo?

  • Reduces heavy metals, chlorine and fluorine
  • Reduces skin irritations and prevents harmful substances to be absorbed by the skin
  • Reduces the inhalation of harmful chlorine and fluorine byproducts.
  • Ideal for people with sensitive skin such as Babies and people with eczema
  • protects damaged and dyed hair (mineralization by means of PH-FIX and DERMA pearls)
  • Natural oils remain in the hair. Your hair remains soft and shiny
  • Vitalises the metabolism of the skin cells and optimises the moisture absorption during showering.
  • Improves smell, taste and color of shower water
  • Easy installation within minutes without craftsman

The Hzwo filter system was developed to be used in a great variety of applications.

of women are often unhappy with their hair
of women color their hair regularly
of men have noticeable hair loss by age of 35
of people suffer from dry or very dry skin

The Hzwo

The Hzwo Shower filters was created throughout years of diligent testing. The result is a 7-stage Shower Filters that converts conventional tap water into noticeably pure and soft water. The Hzwo is made of a balanced ratio of sediment filters, special activated carbon, KDF filter material and special mineralization pearls called DERMA/PH-FIX pearls.
The Hzwo shower filter minimizes free chlorine, heavy metals and other pollutants and the filtered water feels much softer.
People with itching and irritated skin or dermatitis often experience significant relief. The Hzwo shower water promotes natural moisture absorption and cell renewal of the skin. It invigorates and protects delicate baby skin and is great for children, women and men as well. It is the ideal filter for the entire family!
Glowing skin and shiny hair do not just depend on the choice of body care products but also on the water that is used.

Don’t invest in your Shampoo, invest in your Shower Filter!


  • I have been using the HZwo Shower Filter for a month now and I am impressed of how it affected my hair and my daughters hair. We don’t use shampoo or conditioner on our Hair anymore, as we are trying to avoid any chemicals. Our hair became much more softer and shiny.

    Nadine A.
  • I realized a real difference in my daughters skin after 2 weeks approx. She used to have eczema on her arm and after regularly giving her a shower/ bath with the Hzwo the excema went!!!
    At the same time I also realized a huge difference in my hair: I naturally have almost sleek hair but it was always dry and fluffy and I regularly used a hair straightener to make it straight. Now my hair falls naturally sleek and is silky, shiny and soft and I completely stopped to use the straightener. It’s amazing!

    Dunia K.
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