Why should I get a Hzwo?


What is Hzwo Filter

Hzwo makes it the task to make best quality in all components of our filter with a fair price for replacement cartridges to make it affordable for everyone. Our production is located in Germany (Baden-Württemberg) that we are proud of. All our products are subject to strict quality controls and are only manufactured with high-quality and food-borne material.


Hzwo Benefits

  • Reduces lime and pipe deposition
  • Reduces chlorine, fluorine, and heavy metals
  • Reduces skin irritation and prevents deposits in the body
  • Nourishes and soothes dry and sensitive skin (protects delicate baby skin)
  • Smell, taste and color of the water are improved
  • Shiny hair through mineralization (mineralization by means of PH-FIX and DERMA beads of Hzwo).
  • Colored hair stays longer colorful
  • Natural oils and fats remain in the hair and on the scalp. Your hair remains soft and shiny.
  • Reduces the inhalation of harmful chlorine and fluorine byproducts.
  • Changes lime (change of molecular structure): Hard water can lead to itching and eczema on the skin.
  • Vitalises the metabolism of the skin cells and optimizes the moisture absorption during showering.


Not just a matter of location

Germany is the home of our Hzwo water filter and we are proud of it!

Therefore we are obliged to our region Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg to produce our Hzwo water filter regionally. Together with high-precision CNC turning shops, metal finishing manufacturers and laser engraving technology, we are manufacturing a shower filter for Germany and the world.
The precision of the Hzwo filter housing
The compact and elegant Hzwo shower filter is the ideal filter for anyone who wants to continue using their existing shower head, but who wants to enjoy the benefits of a clean and pollutant-free shower with soft water.
Hzwo is proud of their highly stable and durable metal housing. The smooth and simple design show the precision that was used to produce the food grade aluminum CNC housing. Each Hzwo housing is anodized and laser engraved with an individual serial number and produced from beginning to end in Germany.
The Hzwo gives every bathroom a noble impression. A piece of Germany in your bathroom.

Components of Hzwo

  • 1st Stage Filter: PP 100µ – Polypropylene Cotton Layer: removing rough/bigger turbidities, sediment, rusts from the water. It will also keep the Cartridge safe from clogging.
  • 2nd Stage Filter: HZWO AMG: Hzwo Activated Melted Glassand (AMG): Reduces the Germination of the Cartridge
  • 3rd & 4th Stage Filter: HZWO MIX OF KDF AND ACTIVATED COCONUT CARBON: KDF, Process Media (U.S. Patented) are high-purity = copper and zinc-based alloys for removing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals, and it controls scale, bacteria and algae (also in hot water). Activated Coconut Carbon inside the Hzwo MIX are most effective at removing radioactive iodine 131, chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), chemicals, impurities and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) from the water. (It will also improve taste, odor and color of water)
  • 5th Stage Filter: HZWO DERMA PEARLS: (Made from Minerals and Calcium Sulphite) is more effective than activated carbon at removing chlorine + heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminium)
  • 6th Stage Filter: HZWO PH-FIX PEARLS: Activated Infrared Ceramic Pearls are used for PH Stabilization. They also can adsorb impurities and harmful heavy metals and help human metabolism and natural healing.
  • 7th Stage Filter: PP-FINE: Polypropylene Cotton Layer which is effective at removing FINE turbidities, sediment, rusts and sediments from water. It will also hold back all Filterstages above.

Hzwo PH-FIX beads and Hzwo DERMA beads are made according to a special procedure for our Hzwo shower filter.
All raw products for our filter beads are of natural origin. We therefore dispense completely with chemical additives, amplifiers and resing granules.

What are Hzwo filter pearls made of?

Hzwo PH-FIX Beads:
The Hzwo shower filter Standard S contains our special Hzwo PH-FIX pearls. These are used in our Hzwo shower filter for PH stabilization of the water. The Hzwo PH-FIX pearls are produced according to a special recipe with purified clay and natural minerals, rolled in rounding machines and baked in the oven at about 800 ° C. After cooling, our Hzwo pearls undergo an ionization process. Through an ionizer and high voltage ions are blown onto the surface of the Hzwo PH-FIX pearls. The resulting radicals favor chemical degradation processes, which can be used firstly for PH stabilization of the water and for disinfection. An addition of calcium and magnesium carbonate to the Hzwo PH-FIX pearls can also promote a reduction of lime in the water.

DERMA pearls:
Hzwo DERMA pearls are white basic filter pearls made of pressed minerals which, like the Hzwo PH-FIX beads (see above), are produces at high temperatures.
DERMA pearls consist of over 30 minerals, i.a. from selenium, manganese, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and their compounds and are responsible to mineralize the hair and skin.

Note: Please pay attention to copied or similar products with apparently similar ingredients, which are not made in Germany and do not have the same superior quality.

For having better skin and hair

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